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Landfill stability


Stability of MSW landfills - a problem?




  • Generally MSW has a high shear strength due to the fibrous cohesion
  • Operator got sloppy to stability problems trusting in the waste strength
  • Lack of knowledge about parameters, analysis methods and risks due to absence of monitoring, investigations and research

Consequences: Landfill failures

rumpke2_thCase 1

Rumpke (USA), 1996
Landfill failure at US-Mega-landfill, forensic analysis according to new method in 1999

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payat01_thCase 2

Payatas (Philippines), 2000
Landfill failure at urban dumpsite at Manila quarter killed more than 200 people

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bandung_thCase 3

Bandung Indonesia, 2005
The largest failure ever happened at Leuwigajah dumpsite, when 2.7.mio m3 waste buried a valley with two settlements

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